DVR Kits

1. The DVR kits support VGA and CVBS synchronous output.
2. Under the PELCO-D/P PTZ control protocol, the product allows zoom at any area controlled by the mouse.
3. It is able to accomplish recording through pressing one button only.
4. This product is characterized by holiday recording and snapshot setup.
5. It also supports timing snapshot, manual snapshot, alarm snapshot, FTP upload snapshot, playback and backup for the snapshot.
6. With the function of searching, playback, backup for the recording according to events, our product can be used to replay and search pictures in local network.
7. This DVR kits can make intelligent search in the self-defined areas while replaying the recording.
8. It is configured with one SATA port.
9. Our product has the merits of 4 channels simultaneous CIF playback, NTP (Internet timing), DHCP (automatically getting IP), emailing (mail service) and UPNP (universal plug and play).

Other Products
    1. Mini Bullet CameraThe D-VITEC mini bullet security camera is used in sports sector. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    1. Box CameraThe D-VITEC box security camera comes in a wide range of models, styles and specifications to suit every customer's requirements.
    1. Dome CameraThe D-VITEC dome CCTV camera is designed for building internal surveillance. It is usually used in the corner of the building or in elevators.
    1. Night Vision Weather Proof IR Camera The weatherproof IR CCTV camera is designed for outdoor use. It can protect you with good condition ...