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1. 4 Channels 1080P30 HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder
a. This SDI DVR kit makes use of 4 channels 1080P30 HD-SDI DVR, which is mounted with the dual-core CPU to demonstrate the outstanding leading performance in recording, playback and networking in this field.
b. This product supports 4CH 1080P30 real-time recording and 4CH simultaneous playback at real time.
c. It offers the dual streaming function.
d. The product is available for remote access through Web, CMS, Mobile App (Android and IOS).
e. It is easy for our product to accomplish archives by means of USB port, CD or DVD-RW, network, etc.
f. It supplies the search control by date or time and event.

2. Camera
This SDI DVR kit consists of 2 pieces of 1080P WDR IR dome cameras and IR bullet cameras separately that perform with 2.2 megapixels and 3D digital noise reduction.

3. Accessory
a. 4 sets of SDI cables with the length of 18m.
b. 4 pieces of 12V DC adaptors.
c. One mouse

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