1. SDI Miniature Camera This SDI miniature camera supports the HD-SDI video signals output in accordance with the SMPTE292M standard.
      This product is characterized by digital WDR function, backlight compensation function and fog penetration function.
    1. SDI Box CameraIt allows the HD-SDI video signals output conforming to the standards of SMPTE292M and SMPTE424M.
      With ultralow illumination, this product is endowed with various merits, such as 3D digital noise reduction function, digital WDR, backlight compensation function and fog penetration function.
      It supports 96X digital zoom.
    1. SDI Dome CameraIt performs with extremely low illumination, 3D digital noise reduction function, digital WDR technology, back light compensation function and fog penetration function.
      There are also some other auxiliary functions, like privacy masking, motion detection, etc.
      This product allows 96X digital zoom.
    1. SDI IR CameraThis SDI IR camera is able to get 1080P high definition real time image through the HD-SDI video signals conforming to the standards of SMPTE292M and SMPTE424M.
      It incorporates such performance as 96X digital zoom, ultralow illumination, 3D digital noise reduction, digital wide dynamic range function, back light compensation function and fog penetration function.
    1. SDI Zoom / Speed Dome Camera This SDI zoom or speed dome camera is configured with the 1/3 inch 2.0 megapixels CMOS image processer. It is characterized by high definition, progressive scanning and automatic wide dynamic switching.
      The product supports 20X optical zoom and F1.6 IRIS. (The sum of the optical and digital zoom is 240X.)
      The noise reduction function enables the product to work normally in the environment of low illumination.

SDI Camera

In the field of security, the high definition camera is more widely utilized. The network HD product allied with ONVIF and PSIA and the digital HD product united with HD-CCTV will occupy the market progressively in the future. With the monitoring requirement developing from rough sight to clear view, the surveillance moves on from the initial analog mode to the network monitoring, from which, the network high definition surveillance is derived. Since the first presence in the security market, the HD-SDI digital monitoring product has become the guide of development for the entire market rapidly.

Our HD-SDI camera encompasses various types, like SDI miniature type, SDI box type, SDI dome type, SDI IR type, SDI zoom or speed dome type, etc. It is very suited for cooperating with the high-end surveillance systems for the bank, expressway and important museum, as well as the electric police system and so on.

1.Low cost of renovation
The high definition SDI camera uses the BNC port. It means users only need to replace the front and rear parts of existing conventional analog system to get the high definition monitoring system. This product eliminates the cost of time and labor coming from rewiring in the renovation.

2. Easy installation
With the same system framework as the analog monitoring, the product adopts the 75-5 coaxial cables for system wiring in the construction. Without any special training, the constructors and system operators can mount it in a short time.

3. Uncompressed signal transmission
Our HD-SDI camera gets the high definition image via the uncompressed signals transmitted over the coaxial cable at high speed. It is different from the IP surveillance that may get the distorted image from the compressed and packed video signals after network transmission.

4. Real-time high definition image
As the surveillance of the product is not subject to the impact of transmission network, the image delay caused by IP network surveillance will not appear on this product. The SDI camera is available in the occasion with the requirement on real time monitoring and high definition image.

5. High utilization
Showing the clear image output with the resolution of 1920×1080 of the video, our product reduces the density of monitoring points in unit area largely. It can offer diversified handling on detailed parts in the monitoring places, such as clear view for human face, license plate, etc.

Other Products
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    1. HD-SDI to HDMI ConverterTo be able to use the SDI camera directly with an HDMI monitor, you will need a converter. We offer our SDI-HDMI converter as an optional item.
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