1. SDI CameraOur HD-SDI camera encompasses various types, like SDI miniature type, SDI box type, SDI dome type, SDI IR type, SDI zoom or speed dome type, etc. It is very suited for cooperating with the high-end surveillance systems for the bank, expressway and important museum, as well as the electric police system and so on.
    1. 1080P HD-SDI DVR This 4 channel 1080P30 HD-SDI digital video recorder is configured with the dual-core CPU that demonstrates the perfect and leading performance in recording, playback and networking.
      Working with dual streaming video, this product can accomplish the remote access to Web, CMS, Mobile App like Android and IOS.
    1. SDI Transmission DeviceTo be able to use the SDI camera directly with an HDMI monitor, you will need a converter. We offer our SDI-HDMI converter as an optional item.
    1. SDI DVR KitThis product supports 4CH 1080P30 real-time recording and 4CH simultaneous playback at real time.
      It offers the dual streaming function.
      The product is available for remote access through Web, CMS, Mobile App (Android and IOS).
      It is easy for our product to accomplish archives by means of USB port, CD or DVD-RW, network, etc.
    1. Miniature CameraThe D-VITEC mini square CCTV camera is ideally suited for hidden use in devices with limited space, such as ATMs, vehicles, etc. It comes with an internal synchronization system and a 1/3" SONY CCD image sensor.
    1. Box CameraThe D-VITEC box security camera comes in a wide range of models, styles and specifications to suit every customer's requirements. It uses a 1/3" SONY CCD image sensor, NTSC /PAL TV system, and internal synchronization system...
    1. Dome CameraThe D-VITEC dome CCTV camera is designed for building internal surveillance. It is usually used in the corner of the building or in elevators. It can also be used in buses. This CCTV camera comes in two types, plastic dome CCTV camera and metal dome CCTV camera...
    1. Night Vision Weather Proof IR Camera The weatherproof IR CCTV camera is designed for outdoor use. It can protect you with good condition surveillance, during the day or night. The D-VITEC weatherproof IR CCTV camera includes a long range smart IR CCTV camera and an IR dome CCTV camera...
    1. Speed Dome CameraThis DV-MDR30VH-W infrared variable speed dome camera is configured with 1/4 inch CCD image sensor.
      It offers the colorful image with 650 TV lines of resolution.
      This product supports 30X zoom.
      It makes use of the array infrared lamp, whose projection distance is about 120m. ...
    1. IP CameraThis IP CCTV camera is designed with high-performance Hisilicon DSP and CMOS image sensor.
      H.264 High Profile Compression achieves high definition image quality.
      This device supports dual-stream encoding, and supports starting of Cloud Security Monitoring via network protocols.

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