Bill Scanner Camera
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Bill Scanner Camera

This bill scanner camera is a new and efficient shooting instrument, developed specially for reform of banking system. It incorporates such features as new design of nice appearance, snapshot at high speed, high quality image, small size, supporting plug and play and other merits. This product makes use of USB2.0 port. Without connecting to the power source particularly, the bill scanner camera is easy to operate anywhere if cooperated with computer.

Technical Parameters
Parameter Description
Image sensor CMOS
Resolution 5 megapixels
Focus mode Manual focus
Single image acquisition time 5s (the time for the entire process including equipment focusing, image shooting, imaging and storage)
Input interface USB2.0 interface
USB cable length 1.8m
Power supply It conforms to the local regulation for power supply. The power is supplied through the USB port from PC, DC+5V 100-120mA at maximum.
Operating condition Temperature: +5ºC - 35ºC, Relative humidity: 15% - 85%
Storage environment Temperature: +40ºC - 70ºC, Relative humidity: 5% - 85%
Shooting paper format Full screen shot on A4 paper after adjusting the height of control rod.

1. Financial industry: The bank, securities enterprise, insurance company, post office, etc.
2. Government agency: The hospital, telecommunications corporation, Bureau of Land and Resources, public security bureau, etc.
3. Education industry: The school, library, etc.
4. Others: The restaurant, company and individual users.

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