1. ATM USB CameraOur ATM USB camera is installed with the 1/3 inch CMOS sensor with 2 megapixels.
      It works with automatic exposure and white balance.
      This product is compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Mac, Linux In 2.6.2 upgrading version and above.
    1. Weatherproof Bullet USB Audio Camera This DV-219CU306 weatherproof bullet USB audio camera chooses the 300,000 pixels of CMOS sensor to accomplish real-time snapshot at the frame ratio of 30fps. It is suited to match with sports products and individual soldier equipment.
      Our product is the perfect combination of weatherproof performance with high quality audio effect in this field.
    1. Bill Scanner Camera This bill scanner camera is a new and efficient shooting instrument, developed specially for reform of banking system. It incorporates such features as new design of nice appearance, snapshot at high speed, high quality image, small size, supporting plug and play and other merits. This product makes use of USB2.0 port. Without connecting to the power source particularly ...
    1. Fingerprint Recognition DeviceThe D-VITEC fingerprint recognition device is compact, light, portable and hand-free
      Reasonably designed, the fingerprint recognition device is easy to use, with both tracking and recording functions. Display and recording can be done synchronously
      Specialized high quality LED, with lifetime up to 50,000 hours
    1. Passive Infrared Camera, PIR Camera This passive infrared camera is designed with beautiful appearance and covert shape. It supports optional PAL or NTSC video output. Moreover, our product is available in various types for selection. The resolution ranges from 420TV lines to 700 TV lines and the illumination is in the scope of 0.5lux to 0.0002lux.
      Our passive infrared camera is a continuous shooting product that utilizes the Sony color CCD camera ...
    1. Multi-view Camera If configured with different lenses, this product can accomplish panoramic monitoring at 360°, picture in picture viewing, combined wide angle surveillance with partial shooting, etc. The image or video allows being viewed in different segmentation ways.
      It supplies the distinct color image with 600 TV lines.
    1. Windows Visible Intercom Camera This windows visible intercom camera is an automatic bi-directional talkback. With the ultrathin external auxiliary unit, the product has small volume and attractive appearance. The outer microphone is mounted in the auxiliary unit, which is connected to the main machine only by a wire. What a compact installation design it is! Due to the self-contained microphone on the main machine ...
    1. Individual Soldier Equipment CameraThis specially designed and developed individual soldier equipment camera offers high definition image up to 480TV lines. Shaped with covert body, this product is highly integrated, light and easy for carrying. Due to the embedded system, it keeps steady, secure and reliable performance.
    1. Underwater Camera This product exerts excellent performance under any circumstances.
      It can work for 24 hours surveillance with the optical multi-coating filter based on the IR LED and CCD.
      The monitoring distance of the IR LED light reaches over 10m.
      The CDS cell controls the LED switching automatically to detect the ambient light condition.
    1. Wireless Network Camera This DV-IPC01 wireless network camera can output 0.3 megapixels image in standard H.264 compression format for 30 frames per second.
      Our product also adopts the embedded cloud operating system (icouldCam), which is developed independently by us.
    1. Bracket Model: SUP-82*060B0 Bracket
      Color: Black
      Length: 91.00mm
      Head: 22.3mm ...
    1. HousingNA-ND10B Indoor Housing
      The CCTV camera housing is made of aluminum alloy extruded profile, so it is highly durable. It is aesthetically pleasing, dust resistant, easy to install and simple to maintain. Size: 260x88x75mm
    1. CableD-VITEC is a China-based cable manufacturer and supplier. We provide a variety of cables for security products. Some of our primary products include extension wires, video power cables, waterproof wires, aviation connectors and DC wires.
    1. Camera LensModel: CNE0358A
      FOCAL LENGTH: 3.5~8.0
      IMAGE FORMAT: 1/3"
      APERTURE: 1.4 ...