HD-SDI Repeater

HD-SDI Repeater
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The HD-SDI repeater accomplishes the power and data transmission over a single coaxial cable.

1. This built-in product is able to extend the transmission distance of the HD-SDI signals as long as 200m over RG-6 cable and 1.485G hard disc.
2. It realizes the RS-485 simplex data communication.
3. Free of installing the power wiring, this product saves 30% to 50% cost on installation.
4. It offers the automatic diagnosis of cable status to ensure safe power supply.
5. Involved in diverse applications, this HD-SDI repeater can be also used as a transceiver for HD-SDI, power and date.

Technical Specifications
Model DV-HLR01D
Video in/out HD-SDI
Power input DC 12V~48V (DC 48V 1.04A: with VP function)
Max. distance(with RG-6) 200m(HD)
Video signal bandwidth 270Mbps ~ 3Gbps
Connection port SDI in/out BNC-F
DIP SW 1 2 DC output
- OFF Loop through
Data 2Pin T. Block (RS-485/one way)
Power input 2Pin T. Block
LED SDI Green LED flickering: Receiving
Power Yellow LED flickering: Abnormal
Yellow LED on: Normal
Temperature/Humidity -10ºC ~ +50 ºC/0 ~ 80%
Housing/Weight Aluminum/100g
Dimension(mm) 76(W)×42(H)×24(D)

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