SDI Zoom / Speed Dome Camera

SDI Zoom / Speed Dome Camera
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1. This SDI zoom or speed dome camera is configured with the 1/3 inch 2.0 megapixels CMOS image processer. It is characterized by high definition, progressive scanning and automatic wide dynamic switching.
2. The product supports 20X optical zoom and F1.6 IRIS. (The sum of the optical and digital zoom is 240X.)
3. The noise reduction function enables the product to work normally in the environment of low illumination.
4. The video signals are showed in the digital and analog Y/Pb/PR output mode. This product supports diversified digital
5. It also offers automatic infrared cut filters switching, motion detection and automatic digital flip.
6. With IP66 protection, this product is available for outdoor use.
7. It offers 8 channels of alarm input commonly opened or closed and 2 channels relay output.
8. The SDI zoom or speed dome camera supports 8 channels of automatic scanning. It can be set with cross corner scanning and the speed is editable.
9. Its horizontal rotation speed is ranging from 0.1 to 90 degree within one second.
10. This product provides 8 zones of editable privacy protection.
11. It supports Rs422 and Rs485 data communication and remote application upgrading.
12. The zoom speed can be redacted.

Technical Specifications
Horizontal rotation speed 360º continuous rotation, 0.1-90º/s (scaling by 64 steps)
Horizontal preset speed 380º/s, precision: ± 0.1º
Vertical rotation speed 0.1-90º/s (scaling by 64 steps)
Vertical preset speed 150º/s, precision: ± 0.01º
Weight About 4.4kg (10.8lbs)/ With package: 4.9kg
Size 236(Ø)×325.9(H)mm – 166(Ø)
Structure Aluminum alloy
IP rating IP66 (external PTZ device)
Color Gray
Operating temperature -20℃to 50℃(with starting the fan and heater)
Storage temperature -10℃to 50℃(14° F to 122° F)
Humidity 0% to 90% (without condensing)

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